Real Life Build Concepts in SL

Real Life Build Concepts in SL
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

UWA ~ A retrospective look back at it all

Hello All:

Well as many of you know I am involved in the UWA Design & Flagship Challenge, a yearlong monthly contest that will finish up here in early October with the final winners chosen from the monthly picks. So why it's still fresh in my mind and an ongoing project I am going to do a restrospective look back of this truly wonderful event.
First, Am I glad it's over well truthfully yes, I am it's been one long haul with many ups and downs. As any artist can tell you place a large portion of time, effort, and yourself into any project and then have it be judged by others who not all are familiar with the SL world or the application of the project you are attempting to do and there will always be mixed opinions that may not always coincide with your own.
But on the other side of the coin is experience of meeting new individuals, being exposed to different art forms and enjoying the camaraderie of the UWA group itself. Over the year the baseline of the art quality of the group as a whole was raised to a much higher level. The amount of artist participating was a true surprise, to see month in and month out well over 70 art projects being shown was a great nod to the arts in SL itself and the creative individuals behind them.
On the Flagship side it was nice to see some finally grasp the true nature of the contest and build to the requirements of the contest. To those who entered to be seen or show off their (store, club, cool build) I hope you try better the next time, I was a letdown to see these types of builds in a contest specifically designed to represent a real life project.
Over all the contest was run in very professional manner, when it was broke IM JJ and cry and it got fixed, poor JJ the effort, time and headaches as the chief janitor will never truly be paid back to this man. But to be the individual who oversees the largest In-World virtual art and design competition in the world is sort of a cool thing that I truly believe was the last thing on his mind those many, many months ago when he said let’s do a few of the buildings from the campus in world.
WITH UWA's ability to add different forms of art into the mix as the months went by may be the additional reason it had such great appeal to so many individuals, even those who where none artist but just patrons and friends of the artist, who truly enjoyed the monthly viewing. To those who sent out reminders to all about the People’s Choice Award? Why honestly let your art stand on its own, not on the marketing of yourself to others.
Finally, a plea to all to take the time and go visit the Flagships Builds that are up across the SL grid at a dozen separate Sims. This is a very generous offer by all who have given space (loss of prims, cost of hosting, possible loss of income). Having had a few builds in the contest and winning a few times it always amazed me how many individuals would say wow your build is so cool, I never saw it before, when I was at the winner’s monthly party. So take the time and you will need it to see all of them and enjoy the Flagship portion of this contest for what it is a celebration of design art and creation on a large scale.

So to UWA and all involved it’s been fun, draining, and always interesting, oh Hey JJ I have a sign that’s blocking my build can you get that moved, here’s the LM and besides that there's a .....

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