Real Life Build Concepts in SL

Real Life Build Concepts in SL
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prim Pushers is a blog for Metraverse Architectural and SL Fantasy based Builds and Art Creations.

This is an open group and all builders and artist are welcome to interact on the site. We would like to focus on original and one of a kind style builds that are on the cutting edge and advanced technique side of the art and building skill levels.

But will also provide educational information on building techniques and design concepts for the novice to advanced builder.

Welcome all.

Please no spamin group (selling of anything)


  1. After the first half year of the UWA Imagination and Flagship challenge we have seen the number of entries,the complexity and pure creative beauty of the Art side of the contest increase on a monthly basis. My question is why hasn't the Flagship side of the contest grown accordingly. There was alot of builds entered in the first few months of the contest but the numbers have diminished to just a few build per month. The level of technique and artisty has improved but fewer builders in Second Life are entering the competition, yet there are "Build Competitions" across the grid on an almost weekly basis. Any suggestions as to why the level has dropped off in this portion of the competition?

  2. Links to UWA Imagination and Flagship contest

  3. I have noticed a drop off in the Hiaku speedbuild on my sim, Afar. It may be that some of the more creative types are working in some of the alternative grids. For what I am paying for Afar I could run a a region of 10 sims on osgrid or where ever. Would not have the traffic of SL but tobe the god of such a realm is tempting

  4. I do believe there is some merit to that, but the drop off has been significant in builds at the UWA contest. Once the rules and a clear description of what the build portion of the contest requirements are. The drop of was over 80% in the course of two months. While the Art side the Imagination contest has grown on a monthly basis now with over 75 or so entries per month. While the build contest went from a high of 13 builds to now just 3 per month.

  5. hi,
    for my part it would take a lot longer to build an architecturally competent entry than an ordinary art exhibit. Just the sheer number of prims involved for a start.
    It may have been that, in the beginning, people had building finished already that they could submit.
    OSGrid may well be another reason...I have just started a sim there, free.....

  6. Hello Sorro;
    I do agree it is allot more time and effort involved in a flagship entry for the Challenge the limit is 999 prims and a additional prim allowance for art inside of the build if you wish to do that. The change from the beginning of the challenge is now the Flagship has some very specific design requirements to meet its RL build goals. So as you can see some months a 2nd place is not awarded if there is not a build meeting the guidelines. So the days of entering a previous build does not guarantee that it will be selected. As there where two strong builds in the March flagship entries, a castle and butterfly house, on there own solid strong builds. But they did not meet the requirements of the UWA outline for the challenge so none where selected as a 2nd place. besides with myself and the occasional built specific builds the need to follow the design outline for the challenge is essential